For the 2009–10 season, Lyon returned the horizontal red and blue stripes. In the Champions League, Lyon has used a variety of different colours as first choice, including red, navy blue, light blue, black, silver and fluorescent yellow. Since the club’s foundation, the primary colours have been red, blue, and white, with the latter being the most predominant of the three. During the early years of the club’s existence, Olympique Lyonnais primarily played in all-white uniforms. In 1955, Lyon officials decided to add a red and blue chevron and blue shorts to the combination.

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Three minor support groups in Septimagones, Loups Marchois, and Dauphigones comes from the commune of Hérépian, the department of Creuse, and the department of Isère, respectively. Another notable supporters group is the Cosa Nostra Lyon, who occupy the Virage Arbitrage Sud area of the stadium. The group was created in 2007 as a result of a merger between two groups, the Lugdunums, which had existed since 1993 and Nucleo Ultra, which formed in 2000. The merger was created to achieve a sense of stability among supporters.

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The Centre Tola Vologe was the training centre and club headquarters of Olympique Lyonnais before the move to their new stadium in 2016. These include Karim Benzema, Hatem Ben Arfa, Sidney Govou, Alexandre Lacazette, Samuel Umtiti and Ludovic Giuly. The centre used to host training sessions for the senior team and also served as the home facility for the club’s reserve, youth , and female sides, who both played their home matches at the Plaine des Jeux de Gerland. At the start of the new millennium, Lyon began to achieve greater success in French football. The club established itself as the premiere club in France defeating Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain and also became France’s richest club as well as one of the most popular. Lyon became known for developing promising talent who went on to achieve greatness not only in France, but also abroad and internationally.

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Experts also receive access to exclusive webinars and trading strategies. In 1976, the club endured a drastic change to their kits, ditching the all-white uniforms for an all-red style, akin to English club Liverpool. The club wore the kits up until the 1989–90 season, with the 1977–78 and 1978–79 seasons being excluded due to the club adding navy blue vertical stripes to the shirt that was deemed unsuccessful. Following the 1989–90 season, the club returned to the all-white kits and, at the start of the 1995–96 season, the club returned the vertical stripes, but opted to insert them in the center of the shirt, instead of to the left.

Despite Di Nallo’s impressive goalscoring record, he doesn’t hold the record for most goals scored during a league season. That distinction was held by Bourg-en-Bresse-born André Guy who notched 25 goals, which he attained in the 1968–69 season. Alexandre Lacazette, however, scored his 26th goal of the 2014–15 league season in an important game away to Stade de Reims when he scored in the sixth minute.

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  • More recently, OL announced in December 2019 that it would buy an 89.5% stake in the U.S.
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  • The club also performed respectably in the league under Jasseron’s reign until the 1965–66 season, when Lyon finished 16th, which ultimately led to Jasseron’s departure.
  • Of the nine seasons the club played in Ligue 2, they contested 310 matches, winning 160 matches, drawing 84 times and losing only 56.
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The group is no longer recognised by the club, but continues to operate in a functional manner. Other support groups include the , which was formed in 2000 and sit in the Virage Sud area, the Gastrogones, who occupy the Jean Bouin stand, and the O’Elles Club, who sit in the Jean Jaurès stand. Phemex is a professional and trustworthy global LimeFX and derivatives trading platform. Everyone when they start trading wants to see a positive result as soon as possible.

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Lyon also share minor rivalries with fellow Rhône-Alpes clubs Grenoble and AS Lyon Duchère. Olympique Lyonnais used to play at the Stade de Gerland since 1950, the year of the club’s foundation. In 1910, the mayor of Lyon, Édouard Herriot, came up with the idea to develop and build a sports stadia with an athletics track and a velodrome in the city. In 1912, the stadium was officially mandated and local architect Tony Garnier was given the reins to designing and constructing it. Construction began in 1914 with hopes that the stadia would be completed before the International Exhibition of 1914.

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Marseille, Saint-Étienne, Lyon, and PSG are the only French clubs to have won the French first division four straight times with Marseille doing it on two occasions. Olympique Lyonnais has a highly-active and loyal fanbase composed of many groups of supporters. One of the club’s most notable supporters group is Bad Gones (“Bad Kids”). The Bad Gones were established in 1987 around the time of Jean-Michel Aulas’s purchase of the team and occupy the Virage Nord area of the Stade de Gerland. The Bad Gones is the biggest group of supporters in France and have a very strong reputation in Europe, due to the club’s control of Ligue 1, as well as Lyon’s continued appearances in the UEFA Champions League.

To become a member, the Commission investigated LimeFX’s practices to determine it was not a scam. The International Financial Commission acts as a third party intermediary between the trader and LimeFX if a trader feels they have been cheated or scammed by the platform. If LimeFX scammed its traders each trader would be eligible to receive up to 20,000 Euro from the International Financial Commission. Since the club’s foundation in 1950, they have played 48 seasons in France’s highest football division, which totals 1,768 matches. Of the 1,768, they achieved 686 victories, drew 442 matches and lost 602 contests.

The FFF officially made their selections on 11 November 2009 and the city of Lyon was selected as a site to host matches during the tournament. The stadium includes state-of-the-art sporting facilities, two hotels, a leisure center and commercial and business offices. Investment strategy Instantly buy BTC, ETH, USDT, and other major cryptocurrencies with your local fiat using credit card or debit card. This is a great source of useful information, which can be used both for general development, and in order to better understand a particular strategy.

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Due to World War I, however, construction was temporarily halted, but resumed following its conclusion in 1919. Lyon are one of the most supported clubs in France, along with Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. The club’s nickname, Les Gones, means “The Kids” in Lyon’s regional dialect of Franco-Provençal. They have a long-standing rivalry with nearby club Saint-Étienne, with whom they contest the Derby Rhône-Alpes.

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In April 2008, business magazine Forbes ranked Lyon as the thirteenth most valuable football team in the world. In June 1987, Lyon was bought by Rhône businessman Jean-Michel Aulas who took control of the club aiming to turn Lyon into an established Ligue 1 side. His ambitious plan, titled OL – Europe, was designed to develop the club at the European level and back into the first division within a period of no more than four years. The aspiring chairman gave Domenech carte blanche to recruit whoever he saw fit to help the team reach the first division. Lyon achieved its zenith under Domenech when it qualified for the UEFA Cup.

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